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Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen music majors that are beyond terrified of starting school (me)? I wouldn't call it doubts, but I am definitely just scared of not being cut out for all of this. I really can't imagine doing anything else, so I am afraid that I'm going to start school and be like "oh shit look at all of these incredibly talented people or fuck I just put in all of this energy into auditioning and now I am completely lost". Maybe this is normal, I don't know lol

It’s completely normal! Your life is changing and you’re being thrown into something without a lot of strict guidance besides your own to keep you on track. Honestly I think it’s a little weirder when people aren’t nervous for their freshman year. But just know that you were accepted into their program for a reason and that you are going there because they believe that you have something that you can bring to their department. If you put in the effort and do your best, the music will always be beautiful. Let us know if we can help at all! I hope this helped!


Anonymous asked:
What are the top 10 things that you wish you would've known freshmen year?

Well, these are James’s answers. Some of these aren’t specifically about being a music major, but I think it still counts for something.

  1. Practicing actually makes you better if you’re willing to do it. Practice habits are also hard to learn. Ask your teacher about how to effectively practice.
  2. You’re not going to hopelessly fall in love your freshman year of college. You’re just not.
  3. You’re not actually a baritone. It’s just those 9:00 AM lessons.
  4. Going to class is a lot harder when you don’t HAVE to go. Get in the habit of going.
  5. Those tight pants you’re wearing aren’t going to fit you after this year because a lot people gain weight AFTER they get home from their first year of college.
  6. Piano is hard. Practice it so it gets less hard.
  7. Your entire value as a human being and member of society isn’t invested in your major. Go explore other things while you go to school. You’ll enjoy it more.
  8. You can’t go drink for drink with the upperclassmen or you’ll wake up down the street from campus.
  9. Your teachers are genuinely nice people if you get to know their reasons for going into higher education. Be nice to them. They can help you a lot more with your future than you think.
  10. Just like how you’re trying to figure yourself out while you’re at school, so is everybody else around you. Those people you hung out with last week at a party might fuck you over because they don’t know what they want. People are going to say and do mean, stupid things. It’s your job as a human being to grow from it and learn to roll with whatever crazy, stupid, fucked up punch life can throw at you physically, socially, or mentally.

Singing in French is kind of like poking a bruise on your leg. You know it’s going to suck but something keeps making you want to poke it.

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Dear. Sweet. Lord.

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I recently found out who my voice teacher is going to be! My university just places you with a studio teacher depending on how you did in your initial audition! Although I'm extremely excited, I'm nervous because she specializes in Opera. I mean I could pretend that I have an operatic tone, but I definitely have more of a jazzy flare (if that makes any sense lol). Should I be worried? She is PERFECTION though so I would love to learn from her.

Whatever you do, just sing like yourself! Do what you always do and let your teacher mold your voice from what she hears. It’s healthier and more honest and you’ll like your lessons a lot more. Congratulations on the studio teacher and being so excited! You’ll love it, I promise.


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Hello! First off, I loveeeee your blog and all of the flawless advice that both of you give! I am an incoming freshmen vocal performance major. I've been talking to some of the other freshmen VP majors and I'm not going to lie I'm getting extremely intimidated. Most of them are from performing arts schools or have been doing this all of their lives and I guess I'm just having a lot of insecurity and self doubt. Any advice? Thank you so much!

dont give it a second thought. Even students who have had the best training in their high school careers come in as new music students just like everyone else. No matter who you were in high school, in college, youre a little fish in a big pond. Dont be intimidated by the experience others have. Even if they have more than you do, that doesnt make them any better than you and certainly doesnt mean you wont succeed! Dont let insecurity get to you! Show up and rock everyones socks off!!!