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  • Bowling Green State University
  • Ohio State University
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  • Florida State University
  • Westminster Choir College
  • Northwestern University
  • Boston University
  • Manhattan School of Music
Anonymous asked:
I am in a trio at my school and I love chamber music, but the violist in my group is always bashing me and ruining the experience. Being a violinist, I have developed a higher tolerance to people's criticism, but I can't help but feel like quitting the group would be of my best interest. Any helpful tips on how to deal with rude peers?

Tell your violist that their comments are incredibly inconducive to a good rehearsal and that their unprofessionalism is grounds for their replacement. Behavior like that is completely unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated. If they don’t stop, tell a supervising teacher or something.
Honestly I think that’s complete crap. You’re all there to make music, not to hate on each other.


cowshavespots asked:
Hello! I am a senior in high school, and it is that time to choose which songs I will be performing at my music audition as a soprano voice major for the college I want to attend. I need to choose 2 (Broadway, Classical, or Jazz). I only ever listen to Broadway. Any ideas of where I could find any classical or jazz songs I could possibly sing? Any recommendations?

Anything from the 24 Italian Art Songs and Arias book is a good idea. I’m assuming you’re in choir, so I’d say ask your choir director in school (or wherever) about which one you should choose. English songs are a little harder to choose. You could look at When I Have Sung My Songs by Earnest Charles, or Come Ready and See me by Richard Hundley. They come in different keys so you can find one that fits your voice well. You could always ask your director about that too. It’s probably better that way, honestly! They know your voice at least a little better than Sarah or I do.


Anonymous asked:
I'm a freshmen vocal music ed major, and I had my 4th voice lesson with my teacher today. Unfortunately, I have been taught incorrectly how to sing. It's crazy to me since I've had how many voice teachers/choir directors, but I know 100% that my voice teacher is accurate. She's having me start from scratch, and I've just been getting really frustrated. This is mostly because I keep going back to my old habits. I even got emotional during my lesson today. Any tips on staying determined?

just think of how great you’ll be when you get it right!!! and youre not the only person that’s happened to. I know people who go into college and find theyve been doing a lot of things wrong. It’s a huge transition and it takes time to change!! I’ve been in college three years and I wasnt completely in sync with my voice until last semester, probably. Just be patient! It’s always a work in progress and just because you may not see it right away doesnt mean youre not improving (:


fiercebeltingbitch asked:
Leitmotif gives me a musical boner

*tristan und isolde*

do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-no asked:
I'm one of two male voice majors at my school. The other one is my friend and my neighbor in the dorm. I really like him and he's so talented, but I'm incredibly jealous of him. He makes me look like a joke and he got the choral assistant position I applied for over everyone else in my school. I don't know how to go about dealing with my feelings because he's my friend and I don't want to resent him. Do you have any advice that could help me?

Well I always say that you’re at school for a reason, and you’re in your program of study because the voice faculty see you as an important addition to their program, especially if you’re only one of two men in your department (bless you, that’s rough). I think it’s important to remember that you’re still going to be relied on for other things because he’ll have other responsibilities that are in the way. You’re important, even if you feel like you aren’t. You’re a huge rarity in your voice department, being a male. Just because somebody else got something doesn’t mean you’re not important. It just means you’re more reliable in other areas.

I also think it’s important to note that part of college is just learning to process your feelings and put them toward something positive. It’s difficult to not resent somebody for getting what you want, but resentment only makes this more difficult and awkward, not easier or any more comfortable. Grow from your feelings, don’t let them consume you and keep you from still having a good year!


Boles Fire


Hello Loves!

Long time no talk to. Im here today to talk about something near and dear to my heart. Last week, on September 15, a horrible fire called the Boles Fire ripped through the northern part of a town just a few miles south of where I live. 

While I was under evacuation orders myself, luckily my house came out of the whole thing undamaged. However, in just few short hours, the fire had destroyed or damaged over 150 structures.  Many were not as lucky as I was. 

Among other things, the fire partially damaged the local elementary school. Even sadder, it completely destroyed the school’s music room. All Sheet music, instruments, and equipment were lost. 

Right now the school is asking for donations of playable student instruments or cash to help replace those that were lost. I was wondering if my lovely community here would be willing to help out! If so, send me a message and I will get you whatever details you need! 


So, I set up a paypal donation through my account, if that’s easier for you guys. I will pass on 100% of the money donated directly to the music teacher myself. 

Make a Paypal donation here

If you want to make a donation, but don’t want to go through paypal, you can send a check made out to “Weed Elementary Music Program” and send it to

Mt. Shasta School Division
595 East Alma St.
Mt. Shasta, CA 96097

If you send a check to the above address, the District will send you a tax deduction letter for your records.

ALSO, you can donate an Instrument! If any of you have an old (but working!) student level instrument in your closet, please message me and we will figure out how to ship it over to the school!  


Pictured above is actually from my friends house. She lost everything in that same fire, including her French Horn and flute.  

please spread this! It’s a great way to give back, and help others!


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