Anonymous asked:
Any tips for Freshman Vocal Music Ed Major starting classes in 21 days? :D
  • Go to class, no matter how stupid it seems.
  • Practice even if you don’t think you need to.
  • Give your teachers respect.
  • Enjoy the music while you’re stillĀ wrapped in it for your four years.
  • Try to drink at least two or three bottles of water a day.
  • Take the sleep you can get.
Anonymous asked:
For the teaching ed anon, even if you don't get a degree in music education there are a lot of opportunities to teach! Not having a music ed degree just means you probably can't teach in a public school. You could still teach privately (though you'd probably have to charge a bit less) or you could run a music summer camp for kids (I ran a choir camp for a week with no credentials at all) there are also certificates and shorter teacher training programs you could take to be more official.
collegeandnerdthings asked:
To the freshmen music major. If people judge you for what you are choosing to do with your life, who cares? What matters is that you have the opportunity to do what you love! Music is such a beautiful thing and to get the opportunity to teach it is truly an amazing thing. I am an engineering major and I am often very jealous of my music major friends because while I do love what I am doing, I also love what they get to do. They get to open minds to music. Never ever let anyone ruin that for you!
ladyhorncall asked:
For your Anon asking about wanting to teach but unable to take the classes. I don't know about other states, but in California we have the CSET, which is the test to take instead of taking the classes to get into the Credential program. I'm sure other states have it, but it's an alternative to the classes. I went the traditional route, but I've had friends who took the test option.
Anonymous asked:
I recently changed my major from music ed. As the summer has gone on I've realized I miss it tons, the idea of teaching and making music and helping others do the same, the fact that I won't be doing that really upsets me. Now my reason for leaving music ed was the fact that my program wasn't helping me be the best me, I failed a techniques class based on attendance which would set me a semester back to retake and my schools voice area is weak. Any advice on what I could do to still teach l8r on

I’m honestly not quite sure. Part of it depends on what your major is now and whether or not you can translate that into teaching. Otherwise you would have to either bite the bullet and be in class an extra semester for that class you didn’t pass or figure something else.

I’m sorry this is crappy advice. I’m not sure how to help.


operagirlie asked:
Freshmen, Welcome to our group of music majors! I got a degree in music but I'm working in fashion as a merchandiser. In a perfect world I'd be in music, but sadly it's not. Music prepared me so well for jobs that aren't music related: punctual, prepared,critical, creative thinking, team work, perform under stress, dexterity, etc. None of the people with MBAs are able to do it with poise as well as the musicians. It's obvious to our bosses. I was hired because I was a music major basically.
Anonymous asked:
To the music ed major who is getting disapproval for your career choice: I'm so sorry to hear that. I am also about to start music ed myself and whenever I tell people they get very excited for me and tell me I'm going to do great. I think this is one of the best majors one can choose. Wait till you start classes and are surrounded by more music people and then you will feel at home. And hey, maybe everyone else is just jealous ;) Best of luck this year! :)
awfullyaud asked:
For the freshman music ed major: If it helps you get people off of your back, you might point out that you're not "just" going into music (though there is never anything wrong with that, either), but that you are going into education. You are going to be molding the generations of tomorrow and I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks, that is damn important, too. (Of course, this is coming from a current music teacher, soooo)
Anonymous asked:
I really like your answer to the ask about people judging music majors. I'm a junior performance major and I'm getting a lot of hell from my family about the cost of my education and that I'll never have a "secure job" in their eyes. I understand their concern, it's a pretty big risk. I've gotten to the point, though, where I'm too tired to try and tell them why continuing music is so important to me. I get berated just about once a day. I wish I could get them to see me perform at some point!

Well if you’re a performance major, they’ll see you perform eventually! And with any luck they’ll change their minds. If not, like I said, their disapproval isn’t your problem. Good luck and have a good year at school this year!